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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brands For Sale

Starting a new business isn't simple. The same as to have a good branding over it. I feel that branding is important for new businesses to be recognized, and sometimes people may find it hard to figure names for their company. Which is why I have created a few brands, complete with logo, letterhead and business card design. So here are some new ones to share. If you like them and would like to start your own business, they are for SALE!

Avalon Arts. Suited for arts and visual communications agency.

Clearer look at the logo. The whole branding/identity design is for USD890. License: full ownership and copyrights over the design.

Firemaker Media
Firemaker Media. Suited for creative media agency.

Firemaker Media
Firemaker Media logo. The whole branding/identity design is for USD550 with full ownership and copyrights.

These designs will be up in my next website that will be called creatividia. Creatividia will feature ready-made designs for branding suited for specific area of businesses. More details will be up soon on how designers can participate to sell their experimental or ready-made designs.

This is the final logo for creatividia designed by yours truly. Get in touch with me at shafiq.rizwan [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to inquire about the creatividia project or even to purchase the brands above.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Ethics of Design

When it comes to ethics, the whole world knows that design originality is in fact, the most important thing ever. But we know there are people who look around to find some kind of idea/inspiration to apply to their design. That is actually pretty good, especially for design newbies so that they learn the techniques or styles to gain experience. Indeed, there are many designers who make that as a practice to explore and improve their design skills.

However, there are some who do not even think about the ethics of design. Easily said, there are people who probably do not have the real passion about arts and design, or even haven't got a clue on how to start, and what they do is just copy the actual one and tweak it a little bit. It is OK if the tweak is major and results in overall change of design because that would mean the designer just needed some style to begin with.

Here's a snapshot of a blog that copied and tweak-a-little Personalie's theme design.

Gosh, now Personalie has got a slimy green variant. You can witness this yourself at his blog, unless he already changed the design when you view it. Well that's really up to the blogger himself if he changes his mind to produce an original design of his own.

Apart from all that, there's a funny story behind it on how I found out about this. The blogger probably copied some part of my layout CSS and pasted it at his own template. Somehow the background image of the widgets is still referring to the WCL address, which AwStats showed there is a hit coming from his blog. I am uncertain whether that was intentional, or not. But on the bright side, someone digs my layout design but that someone probably hates purple and pink.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tech Pets

I love the Mighty Mouse. It certainly makes navigation a lot easier and work done faster. Practical to use especially when dealing with illustration design, because it has got horizontal and vertical scroll button! Since I like it a lot, here's another way of showing how close I am to my Mighty Mouse. It's just like my pet.

The idea is that, the Mighty Mouse moves the cursor using the IR beam and this little mousey in the graphic above looks like it moves as though the beam causes it float. And you've probably guessed the tail is the USB connection. But I hope I did not mislead you to thinking that the real Mighty Mouse would squeak when you squeeze it.